Team D-Node


We're a diverse group who came together for their love of blockchain technology. We're focused on bringing unique solutions to the forefront of big energy, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.


Michael Cummings

Texas A&M, BS and MS in Management Information Systems. Director on 501c3 Education Non-Profit. Developer turned Marketer. Has worked as a consultant to small and medium size businesses over the last 8 years to increase efficiencies through integration of web systems. 

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Kelly Graham

Kelly is an educator turned serial entrepreneur, with D-Node her fourth venture. She holds four academic degrees including a Bachelor of Journalism/Public Relations and a Master of Science. University of Texas-Austin, Co-Creator of Original Miners, Manages Implementation of Mining Strategy & Operations.


Caleb Ramsey

Texas A&M, BS in Industrial Engineering. He's worked with fortune 500 companies, providing both supply chain and logistical analysis.


Scott Deatherage

General Counsel
Thirty years of experience with large law firms representing clients in energy and environmental matters and transactions. Left to form a solo practice and to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. Discovered blockchain, and here we are. University of Oklahoma and Harvard Law School.

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Steven Wollard

Economist/Mathematician/Analyst, University of Texas-Austin, Early Adopter, Co-Creator of Original Miners, Manages Implementation of Mining Strategy & Operations