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Steven Wollard and Kelly Graham: D-Node Founders

Steven Wollard and Kelly Graham: D-Node Founders



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D-Node has grown from one hand-built machine created by two of our founders, to one of the premier mining operations in the United States, with multiple hosting facilities across the country available to our clients, depending on the type of miners they employ, and the scale of their operation.

Our unique blend of experience and knowledge stems from years spent designing, building and operating the most advanced mining systems in the world. We are experts in the field of cryptocurrency mining because it is all that we do. We understand not only the equipment itself, but also the intricacies of electrical markets, networks, tax laws and capital deployment in a way other companies simply don’t.

Whether you are looking to get started with your first miner, trying to find a hosting provider that can handle your existing portfolio of miners, or seeking investment opportunities in the mining space, D-Node has the answers you need, and the resources to make things happen.