Gilfoyle's Crypto Presentation (HBO's Silicon Valley)

For fans of both the HBO series “Silicon Valley” and blockchain technology, you were likely as interested in the recent ICO episode as we were. While SPOILER ALERT Richard rudely interruption Gilfoyle’s presentation on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and why Pied Piper should pursue an ICO over a Series B round with their VC, Bream-Hall was entertaining and consistent with Richard’s conduct as a leader, we were left disappointed by not seeing the presentation by the show’s anarchist, libertarian, full-stack engineer. 

Fortunately for all of us, HBO has made a PDF version of the full presentation deck available on the fictional Pied Piper website. Notwithstanding the classically-Gilfoyle swipes at Richard in the presentation, we found the base material to be a great primer on blockchain technology and some of the current ICO ecosystem. 

The now-concluded, most recent season, and previous 4 seasons, of Silicon Valley are available online and on-demand from HBO via their streaming service at as is the rest of their premium, paid-access programming. 


EDIT: The version with pretty graphics has been since replaced by a barebones, text-only version; as such, we have provided our own link for you to download the original version in its entirety here. Please note that all rights to this material are reserved by Home Box Office, Inc. and the Pied Piper website notes that it, like the Silicon Valley TV series, may contain adult content.

Andrew Hagemann