Building the Distributed Network

Cement cutters.jpg

After losing two works days last week as thunderstorms moved through Dallas and our team working late into the nights and over the weekend, we have finally neared the end of the ventilation upgrade. 

A special contractor cut through the outer cement walls using huge steal blades. Next was placing the three inlet fans that draw fresh air into the space. Over the weekend, we built a system that filters and projects the air downward into the room. With the inlet fans working, we can now run the massive exhaust fan that sits on the ceiling, and draws the hot air produced by the miners, up and out of the room.   

Yesterday, the temperature in the room was between 68-72 degrees, and you could definitely feel the air current moving throughout the space. In fact, it was so chilly that we had to wear jackets as we worked. The exhaust fan still needs a little fine tuning and we're adding custom-made hoods to protect the inlet fans from rain. But overall, we're up and running!! When we left last night, all the miners were turned on and all fans were working. Time to open a bottle of champagne and be thankful that we're doing our part to maintain and secure the distributed network.