Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I contact D-Node Hosting?

If you have a question about your miners or anything else related to your account, please contact us at This will create a support ticket in our system, and a staff member will respond within 24 hours.

2. What is included in the setup fee?

  • Unboxing, connecting power supply, and placing miner on shelf

  • Configuring miner on D-Node’s network and connecting to the mining pool

  • Photos of serial numbers

  • Internet access

  • Ambient cooling

  • PDUs (Power distribution units)

  • All switching and routing equipment

  • Ethernet and power cables

  • If miners were previously used, an inspection will take place to note any problems before installation.

3. How long does it take to setup my miners?

Setup time ranges from as short as 1 day to 1 week depending on the number of miners being installed. The exact time frame will be determined based on the number of miners. Miners are generally installed within 24 hours, although larger installations will require more time.  

4. How can I monitor my miners?

Each mining pool has its own monitoring and notification system, and many have apps you can use on your phone. For example, SlushPool allows you to set up text and email notifications when there are changes to your miners.

5. Does D-Node Hosting provide VPNs?

On request, we provide VPNs to clients who host 20+ miners with us.

6. What mining pools does D-Node Hosting recommend?

While the choice of mining pool is ultimately up to you, our team has the most experience using SlushPool, Dwarfpool, NanoPool, pool and NiceHash.

7. Can I change my mining pool?

Yes, for pool changes, simply submit a support request to Limit one (1) pool change per 72 hours, unless approved by D-Node support staff.

8. Can you help me configure my pool account? Is this part of my setup fee?

D-Node staff will configure your pool account if you do not already have one, and there is no additional charge for this service. It is included as part of the setup process.

9. How will I get my cryptocurrency?

Upon installation, your miners will be connected to the mining pool of your choice. Every time your mining pool earns a reward, the funds are shared among all the members of the pool. If you’ve ever joined a “football pool” at work, it works much the same way. If you have more questions, please contact us.

You can adjust the payout threshold pool-side to determine the frequency of payouts. We typically use 0.01 for BTC and LTC. This avoids funds sitting on the pools for too long as they are more secure when in your personal wallet. When choosing a payout threshold, you might want to consider your personal tax and bookkeeping requirements. This type of advice must come from a licensed tax or legal professional.

10. How do I know how much my miners are earning?

You can login to your pool account and check on your current payouts.

11. What digital wallets do you recommend?

Choosing a wallet is an important, personal choice. Our team members use Jaxx, Edge, Atomic and Coinomi, amongst others, for everyday use. For larger amounts, and for long-term storage we recommend the use of paper and hardware wallets. The choice of wallets is a critically important one. If you are not sure, just ask. We are happy to help.

12. Can I use a splitter on my miners?

Our experience with splitters has been that they cause premature failure of power supplies. For customers that use splitters, D-Node assumes no responsibility, and does not credit for downtime caused by their use, as resetting them puts additional responsibilities on data center staff.

PDF of our PSU policy.

13. Should I buy cheap and/or used power supply units to save money?

  • PSUs are not the place to skimp. While you may save a few bucks in the short run, our experience with hundreds of PSU shows that you get what you pay for. Fifty percent of “cheapo” off-brand PSUs fail within 3 months.

  • We are not responsible for downtime associated with faulty power supplies.

  • In our experience, if a miner, PSU or any other electronic device for that matter is faulty, it will make its appearance in the first few weeks of its life, if not immediately out of the box. In which case, it should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer labeled “DOA” for dead on arrival.

14. What is your guaranteed uptime?

We offer refunds/credits for months of service lower than 95% up-time if the downtime is due to our systems. Malfunctioning or broken miners will be returned to customers at our discretion and shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

15. If my miner goes down or has a problem, what happens?  

If a miner goes down an alert is sent to the D-Node staff. This usually requires a simple restart and is done by D-Node personnel from (8 AM - 8 PM) at regular intervals. If a miner goes down overnight we restart it the next morning.

16. Can I swap hardware/miners?

Yes, you can swap hardware/miners. If they fit into the same slot size (physically and power usage) there is a $25 setup fee. If they are oversized, normal setup rate applies but customers receive a 50% discount.

17. What type of maintenance do you provide?

Our hosting agreements provide monthly maintenance including dusting and checking cables and connections. If any issues are found, we will notify you.

18. Where is D-Node Hosting based?

We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, and maintain offices in Shenzhen, PRC.

19. What is your mining facility like?

Our mining facility was previously used as a clean room. It has raised floors that give access to network cabling and electrical systems.

20. Can I ship equipment to D-Node’s facility?

Yes, but this service requires prior arrangement. Custom’s fees and tariffs, if applicable, are the customer’s responsibility. Please contact us for more information.

21. What type of physical security does your facility have?

Our facility is protected by 24-hour video surveillance cameras, state-of-the-art alarm system, and Ranger the German Shepherd Mining Dog.

22. What type of cyber security does D-Node Hosting have in place?

D-Node does not discuss our network security systems.

23. Can I visit the mining facility to check on my miners?

  • Yes, you may have up to two (2) hours of access to the facility per month at no charge, to allow for inspection of your equipment.

  • Access to the building is available by appointment, with forty-eight (48) hours prior notice, between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

  • Weekend and night access can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Fees for excess access are contained in your Hosting Agreement.

24. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, cash, personal checks, and Zelle and Venmo sent to If you prefer cryptocurrency, please contact us for instructions.

25. What happens after my contract ends?  

After the initial period, customers have the luxury of going month to month, or locking in lower rates with prepaid deals of 3, 6, or 12 months.

26. Do you provide power supplies or other parts?

Power supplies are an important part of the mining rigs. We sell only name brand (i.e., Bitmain, MyRig, EVGA) PSUs. Other parts available on request.

27. Do you provide repair services?

D-Node contracts all of our repair work with Cirrus Technology, a local mining rig and parts/repair store.

28. What happens if my miner needs to be repaired? Who is responsible?

While D-Node personnel perform regular cleaning and maintenance of the mining facility and equipment located there, we cannot assume responsibility for customer machines. If a repair is needed, we can ship the miner to a location of your choosing, or we can provide 3rd party repair services right here in Dallas through our vendors.

29. How are RMA’s handled?

If an RMA is to be done, we handle shipping for you and then simply bill it at cost.

30. Does D-Node Hosting have insurance?

Yes. If you need a copy of our certificate, please contact us.